Soul Path Analysis -

Relationships & Business Name Optimisation -Practitioner Level 3

What is it? 

Building on the core skills learned in Level 1 & 2, this course provides additional skills to focus on the energetic interplay of individuals in a relationship.  

The relationship assessed may be personal, marriage, partner or work, friends etc.  In addition this system is applied to investigate and assess the appropriateness of a business name and investigate if a name change is warranted.  

This course also will provide the practitioner with sufficient knowledge to assess the energetic impacts on a business through analysis the energetic influences in a business name.  

The increasing awareness of synchronicity has given rise to an acceptance of the effects a name can have on our business.  This course gives practitioners to assess the energetic intention behind business names in conjunction with company owners/directors and whether they are in fact symbiotic and mutually beneficial.

Course duration?

Course is for one day - leads on from Practitioner level 1 and or 2.

Who is it for?

Therapists, Counsellors, Life Coaches, Healers, Teachers, Spiritual seekers and anyone interested in personal or spiritual development can benefit greatly from this empowering tool. 

Course content

During this 1-day course you will:

Learn how to professionally prepare and present Relationships and Business Name charts
Analyse and interpret your our own Relationships charts
Analyse and interpret your our own Business chart
Understand at a deeper level why certain relationships work and some don't do so well as we investigate the underlying vibrations of each individual.
Gain a greater sense of how Business names can strongly influence the success of a company. 
Develop the ability to analyse the charts of Relationships and Business names of willing friends, family, partners and clients
Gain further confidence in the intuitive and channelling aspect of this healing system

On completion students will:

Be empowered to offer professional Soul Path readings of Relationships and Business Name 
Eligible to obtain own professional practitioner indemnity insurance
Possess a tool to help heal and empower yourself and others
Understand the impacts of our used names and married names on our lives.


Certificate in Advanced Soul Path Analysis - Level 3