Intuitive Soul Path Analysis - Name Overlays & Baby Naming-Practitioner Level 2

What is it? 

This advanced course provides additional skills for Level 1 to focus on the appropriateness of one's name and investigate if a name change is warranted.  This course also will provide the practitioner with sufficient knowledge to assess the energetic impacts on a person through marriage name changes.  Additionally, this aspect of the Soul Path Analysis process can be employed for name optimisation, relationship compatibility and clearing of core limiting beliefs, old patterns and issues. By being cognisant of these aspects to our names we can make changes where appropriate to embrace the Law of Attraction.

Course duration?

Course is for one day - can be taken any time after Level 1.

Who is it for?

Existing Soul Path Practitioners or those who took Soul Plan or Soul Contract courses elsewhere.  Therapists, Counsellors, Life Coaches, Healers, Teachers, Spiritual seekers and anyone interested in personal or spiritual development can also benefit greatly from this empowering tool. 

Course Content

During this 1-day course you will:

Learn how to professionally prepare and present an overlay name birth chart
Analyse and interpret your our own overlay birth chart
Gain a greater sense of how overlay names can introduce additional energetic influences into our lives
Develop the ability to analyse the charts of willing friends, family, partners and clients
Gain further confidence in the intuitive and channelling aspect of this healing system

On completion students will:

Be empowered to offer professional Soul Path Overlay Analyses
Eligible to obtain their own professional practitioner indemnity insurance
Possess a tool to help heal and empower yourself and others
Understand the impacts of our used names and married names on our lives.


Certificate in Advanced Soul Path Analysis - Level 2