Intuitive Life Coach

What it is it?

This course was developed to assist and further the coaching skills of existing coaches, therapists or those on their own self development or trainee coaches.  In today's world more of us want to be more effective in our lives or simply seek more grounded fulfilment.   To some it may be a result of the pressures placed upon us by our increased urban lifestyle and simply seen as a desire to 'get away from it all'.  

We don't need to run away  because  we have peace in how we choose to perceive  our reality.  We can accept that there is there is a lot to be said for streamlining our own lives and processes to yield a more relaxed mind and healthier physical being.   The more we slow down and take stock or just simply 'be ', we can truly appreciate and realise what are the important aspects of living in human form, w such as our enjoyment of certain things or activities and what we do that really makes our lives better. 

Course content

In this course we share methods that can improve both our client's and our own life quality in the key areas of relationship, social life, financial abundance, career, physical health and spiritual life. We explore through using intuitive and spiritual means aspects of counselling (listening) , coaching, Soul Path Analysis, relationships and develop one's intuition.  Together with the skills and techniques gained on the other modules i.e. Intuitive Counselling and Soul Path Analysis, practitioners will be able offer a deeper more intuitive soulful form of life coaching.  

The empowering and focussed Life Coaching modules of this course provides a calm loving space for the practitioner student to explore their own life, focussing on the key areas of

• relationships, 
• social life,
• financial abundance, 
• career, 
• physical health 
• your spiritual life

While on the course the student will enter a soulful journey of their own aspirations and may see the resolutions in a clear path. Through co-working with fellow students the path to success and improved life will emerge with clarity, structure and love. 

This unique approach to spiritual life coaching begins with a Soul Path Analysis.  As it is a key skill to identify the challenges, talents and goals of the client as well as their ultimate true destiny or life purpose. The 5 modules you will need to complete for the Spiritual Life Coach are:

1. Introduction to Counselling (2 days)
2. Life Coaching Skills (2 days)
3. Soul Path Analysis (3 days)
4. Relationships (2 days)
5. Develop Your Intuition for Life Coaching (2 days)


Certificate  Intuitive Life Coach